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Max Wi
United States

5 years? Really???

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 5, 2013, 3:26 PM
OMG, I can't believe I've been on DA for this long! I thought I would of gotten sick of it after a while!

I originally joined DA because I knew after a while I would improve, look back, and laugh at how shitty I was. And I wanted other people to do that too. I think joining DA has really helped with that improvement. I think I've really grown as a person as well. 

Over my three accounts (yes, three) I've obtained 97 watchers, and 28,977 pageviews which isn't all that bad I think. I think a lot of that comes from whoring the shit out of my stuff and talking to other people on the forums. And starting drama helps a lot too. I've done pleantly of that. 

And now for some things I've done over the years for people to laugh and cry at:

Pride and Joy by Shiinsan23 I don't even draw on paper anymore, everything I do is digital these days. Oldest thing I have.

Kojiro by Shiinsan23 The first thing I uploaded.

Jacques oui by Shiinsan23 Oldest digital piece I still have.

James at nite by Shiinsan23 Why is this so popular? WHHHHY?!

Feel Your Love by Shiinsan23 This one really isn't all that bad. Transition into Sumopaint. 

Sunset by Shiinsan23 First Photography piece. 

Sailor Pothead by Shiinsan23 Look at that piece of artwork! To this day, it's my most popular non-tutorial piece.

Move over Rocketshipping by Shiinsan23 I still ship it!

ID by TheBlackBullets I never did fix David's mouth. Start of a new account.

Long Way Down pt 1It was one of the biggest buildings in the world. 180 floors, and we were going to have to get to the top. It all started a month ago when we got an e-mail from a Nurse Joy from this city. Apparently, her Audino went missing and wanted to employ us to go find it. We were only going to get one grand for the gig, and since that really can't feed us, we half-assed the search. After two weeks, we gave up and were about to head back home when we got a bunch more letters from other Nurse Joys from around the city, complaining about the same thing. Suddenly, one grand per Audino didn't seem like such a bad idea. Our informant (of whom we never really wanted business with) caught wind of what we were doing and wanted to help.  We had no leads, so we figured we'd let him do all the work. Which lead us here, gawking at the sheer height of the damn thing. To wandering visitors, it looks like a normal...well, not exactly normal, but you catch my drift, insurance office building. The CEO Oldest story I have since I delete the first one.

Pon Pon Pon by TheBlackBullets Transition into GIMP. I did a speedpaint of it which I never uploaded.

Pool by Shiinsan23 Much better photography.

Eros and Apollo by TheBlackBullets

The Art of the Con by TheBlackBullets My personal best piece of James. 

Let it Abomasnow pt 1We were supposed to be at the client's house yesterday, but no, Tommy just had to get the stomach flu and puked all over the RV. So, we spent all of yesterday trying to get the vomit smell out of the RV. This was a personal mission for me, and I really didn't want to be late. So we settled down a hotel and set our alarms for a time a bit too early to get up.
At 5 a.m. the alarm went off. I ain't used to an alarm waking me up. I nearly jumped out of my skin. "Shut up," I mumbled and blindly pressed buttons, anything to make it turn off. Instead, I knocked it off of the stand and it kept buzzing. I sat up and put my glasses on my face. I turned on a light as the other boys in the room groaned at me. I picked up the alarm and hit the snooze button. I got up, grabbed some clothes and hopped into the shower. The hotel was alright. It wasn't all that fancy, and it wasn't horrible either. As such, for an alright hotel, they always put in a complicated shower flocet. Does no one use a simple h
 My second story. A very personal piece.  

Through Fire and Flames by Shiinsan23

The Black Bullets Ch.1 It feels weird being on top of the world one day, in jail the next, then giving up hope and becoming a hobo. I guess I've seen it coming for a long time, but after years of narrow escapes with the police I thought I'd become invincible. I'd been tempted to just suck it up, go back home and get married, but upon arriving realized why I left in the first place. At least they left me with enough money to travel as far as I possibly could from them.
I tried to get a job, any job, but no one would trust a thief. So then I was left with two choices:
Return to a world of crime
Beg on the streets.
Going to jail the first time around was stressful and painful. I got lucky the first time around, but it's something I never want to do again.
So now I'm living the life of the latter, living in a park where children play. My hair has grown past my shoulders, I've learned to deal with a beard, I haven't bathed since god knows when, and I carry around a jar with a piece of paper taped on it tha
 My favorite story. And well deserving as my most popular, too.

Simon being Simon by TheBlackBullets

Sewaddle Says by Shiinsan23

The Horrors of First Sai Drawing by TheBlackBullets First Sai piece. God is it horrifying. Well deserving of its name.

I Accidently a Kawaii by TheBlackBullets I tried a different style. 

A Discrete Flavor Ch. 1I was standing behind a tree, struggling to keep my eyes open. Last night, me and a couple of friends decided to get wasted on my birthday. Right now, it didn't seem worth it, see as all we did today was mope and whine about how horrible we felt. I don't even remember what happened. That'll teach us to do that before a gig. Anyway, did I mention it was cold outside? All I was wearing to keep me warm was a leather jacket which wasn't enough. 
"Jamie, you can't go to sleep yet, were on a gig," The Computer Guy said, "You too, Jack."
"I'm not asleep," I said, "I'm just resting my eyes."
"Ha, right."
"You don't believe me, do you? It's too cold out to sleep. Besides, we couldn't of gotten that far ahead of the truck."
"What about you, Jack?"
I opened my eyes when he didn't respond. He was leaned up against another tree with his head down. I picked up a stick to wake him from a distance. He grabbed with both hands and broke it. After a couple of blinks he c
Mind Shift Ch. 1I picked up Kendo again after Jamie's near death experience. I was practicing by myself when Seviper saw what I was doing and wanted to do it too. Of course, I was thrilled that one of my friends actually wanted to do something with me that I enjoyed. I spent what little money I had and bought equipment for him.
However, my excitement was short lived. Seviper was more of a "do it" type of person rather than a "listen then do it" type. He still hasn't gotten the basic position down yet, nor has he figured out how to use his shinai correctly. Thus this makes him easy to defeat and honestly, quite boring.
Today, we were practicing in the parking lot. Seviper was on the offence while I blocked his every move. I was waiting until he started to wear before making my move. I tried to stifle a yawn while he was sweating in the summer heat. He paused to catch his breath.
"Can we end this already," I whined, "It's too hot out here."
"Why you little," Seviper growled, trying to strike me from abo
 Read these, dammit! I've worked very hard on them!

Shota as Fuck by TheBlackBullets Offical transition into Sai. 

Gender Bend Cilan by Shiinsan23 I'm really proud of this one despite it's flaws. 

Bitter by TheBlackBullets Started to perfect the art of making fake screenshots. I'm addicted to doing these now.

I hope I last a whole another 5 years in this site. And here's to improvement! Improvement for everybody! Yay!

CSS by little-billie
texture by SnapeisSexy
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